Work in Andorra, temporary job offers, create a company, where to invest

In this article, GESTIM offers you a series of tips and recommendations if you are thinking of working in Andorra or creating a company and need information on where to invest. Learn about the rights and obligations in immigration matters and all the labor news of the Andorran Principality: the temporary job offer that opens every year thanks to the high tourist demand. GESTIM offers you its consulting services in four languages: Spanish, Catalan, French and English.

Thinking of settling in Andorra? Know all the information to work or create a company on Andorran soil

Are you considering settling in Andorra and developing a professional activity and wondering if it is possible to find a job in Andorra? Thanks to the Andorran tax system, the country has always been a very attractive place for those who want to settle. But is this really so?

Knowing the labor market of the Principality, the cost of living of the country and what are the rights and obligations of the future citizen are essential before making such an important decision. Everything there is to know about temporary job offers and the job quota that opens each year in Andorra, what are the rights and obligations to be able to create a company and invest in the small Pyrenean country.

Life in Andorra: job offers and where to invest

Andorra is a very attractive place because it is a highly visited Sky center in winter season. For this reason, there is a high offer of seasonal employment in companies in the tourism industry.

Its low tax burdens also make the Principality an extremely attractive place for those who want to establish their tax residence or create a company.
As an employee or as an entrepreneur, if you are thinking of creating a company in Andorra, you need the advice of a team of professionals to explain the advantages and disadvantages of settling in the country. Gestim your Real Estate in Andorra la Vella puts at your disposal professionals in continuous training in the matter of laws, regulations and legislation in force whose sole objective is to offer its clients a personalized and transparent service.

Advice and information regarding work in Andorra

Work on Andorran soil and be a salaried employee

A salaried employee in Andorra earns around € 1,083 for 40 hours worked per week; This implies that on average, the base salary is at the same level as that of Spanish “mileuristas”. It is good to know this information as it discards the preconceived idea that everything is rosy in the Principality (data from 2020).

Unfortunately, the crisis has not passed long in the Pyrenees and has also impacted Andorra as well as its European neighbors. This has had an impact on the minimum wage, which has not seen a positive increase in recent years. The job offer is limited by a quota that is stipulated each year according to the needs of the Andorran Principality.

Temporary job offers in Andorra

However, it is the temporary jobs created to meet the high demand during the winter season that attract new faces to the Principality. The five ski resorts of Andorra, famous throughout the world, offer new temporary jobs during the ski season, which runs from November to April.

The seasonal job offers proposed by the Andorran Principality are obviously related to tourism: hotels, restaurants, services on the ski slopes, among many others.

The Andorran labor offer

Every year, the immigration service establishes a quota or a list of sectors of activity in which it is possible to work and that are open to immigration. Before deciding, it is necessary to find out about these restrictions, since without demand your chances of finding a job in Andorra will be clearly less.

Therefore, working as an employee in Andorra requires following certain procedures even if you have a European passport. One of the most important requirements is to have a work visa and in order to apply for it, it is necessary to previously have a contract of indeterminate duration.

Know the documentation necessary to apply for a work permit

  • It is important to speak one of the main languages: Spanish, Catalan (official language), French and English
  • Criminal record
  • Original and copy of the passport or an identity document of a European country
  • Certificate of marital status and family book
  • Three identity photos
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Proof of address or rental contract
  • An attestation stating that the professional experience corresponds to the job for which you are applying for the visa
  • Pass a very thorough medical exam

Create a company and invest in Andorra

On the contrary, if you are thinking of investing and settling as an independent worker on Andorran soil, the equivalent of the Spanish self-employed, even creating a company, Andorra is much more accessible.

Starting a business cannot take more than 4 weeks once the so-called “foreign investor authorization” has been obtained. In any case, in order to request it, you must open a file. To do so in accordance with the regulations, you can ask the services of qualified managers such as GESTIM who will help you throughout the procedure.

Once the relevant authorization is obtained, you can benefit from the following advantages

  • The social charges of a salaried worker cost an average of 20%, including the employer and salary parts
  • The tax burden is much lower in Andorra when compared to the tax rates of countries like Spain and France. The standard rate is 10% and can even go as low as 2% in some cases
  • If your participation in the company is at least 10% of the company’s shares, you can apply for Andorran status of residence