Work permits in Andorra - Know the conditions to obtain a passive or active residence permit

If you are a foreigner and you are thinking of moving to Andorra with an active residence, or with a work permit or, with a non-profit passive residence, a qualified team in the field will guide you throughout the process. GESTIM, your real estate agency in Andorra la Vella, proposes consulting and management services related to the transfer of tax residence to the Principality.

Do you know the conditions in Andorra to transfer passive or active residences

In Andorra there are two different types of residence and you can choose one or the other, depending on the type of activity to be developed. It is necessary to distinguish between active and passive residences. The first allows the development of a work or professional activity and can be accessed if you have a work permit. The second, on the contrary, is a type of non-profit residence, also called passive residence, which facilitates the right to live in Andorra without exercising any professional activity.

As is well known, Andorra is a very attractive place for those who want to combine minimal tax burdens, with an undeniable quality of life, landscapes and a highly attractive climate. GESTIM puts at your disposal its team who will inform you and guide you throughout the process of establishing your passive or active residence in Andorra.

Non-profit or passive residence in Andorra

If you are thinking of living in Andorra without actively working, residence without a work permit, formerly called passive residence, is surely the best option. The non-profit residence permit facilitates the right to live in Andorra without exercising any professional activity in the territory.

There are three statutes in Andorra to obtain passive residence without a work permit

  • Type A permit: to simply settle in the country but without working. It is ideal for retirees.
  • Type B permit: People who are economically active, but who are not financially dependent on income from local work.
  • Type C permit: Internationally recognized people as artists, athletes ...
    The minimum effective residence in Andorra in the case of a passive residence must be 90 days per year.

To obtain residency without a work permit, you must meet these requirements

  • Deposit a deposit of € 50,000, recoverable and unpaid;
  • Deposit an additional € 7,000 for each family member;
  • Have sufficient financial means to support yourself;
  • Do not present criminal or judicial records;
  • Acquire or rent a home in Andorra;
  • Being over 18 years;
  • Be socially covered and have health insurance;
  • Commit to reside a minimum of 180 days a year;
  • Invest a capital of € 350,000 in the form of a bank deposit, in the purchase of real estate or an investment in an Andorran company.
  • Demonstrate economic independence with an income level 4 times higher than the Andorran basic salary.

In Andorra, active residence with a work permit

Formerly known as “active residence”, the type of residence with a work permit allows you to reside and work in Andorra or create a company. To obtain it, foreign citizens must meet certain conditions and are subject to obligations within the country. If they are met, the new residents will have the right to health coverage, family reunification and an unemployment service, in the extreme case that they lose their job or want to change. They will also be able to receive aid to train in the official language, Catalan.

To obtain an active residence permit in Andorra, the candidate must have

  • An employment contract in an Andorran company
  • Create a company with more than 10% of social shares
  • Being over 18 years
  • Do not present criminal or judicial records
  • Pass a thorough medical examination
  • Commit to reside at least 183 days in Andorra
  • Install your tax domicile in Andorra
  • Possess an immigration authorization
  • Register with CASS (Caixa Andorrana de Seguretat Social)
  • Approve the driving license before the Government Procedures Service and change the vehicle’s registration within a maximum period of one year.

As you can see, transferring your active or passive residence to the Principality of Andorra is not a decision to be taken lightly. If you have questions or need any kind of help in this regard, the GESTIM team, your Real Estate Agency in Andorra, is at your disposal to accompany you in this process.