Administration of communities of owners in Andorra, by GESTIM

Conflicts between neighbors? Defaults on co-ownership bills? Do not hesitate to leave the management of your community of owners in Andorra in the hands of experts before the lack of understanding reaches uncontrollable proportions. GESTIM is the Andorran leader in offering these services.

The administration of communities of owners in Andorra? Leave it in good hands!

The coexistence in the Communities of owners can lead to numerous conflicts caused, mostly, by the lack of understanding between the owners and the ignorance of the current legislation and the statutes. The lack of transparency in the procedures can lead to a lack of trust in the administrator and future disagreements between him and the community of neighbors.

To prevent these conflicts from reaching uncontrollable dimensions that can even interfere with the maintenance of the building, the mediation of expert managers may be the solution that your community is looking for. GESTIM is the leading Andorran real estate company in the administration of communities of owners. With an experience of more than 40 years, a team of experts specialized in legislation and statutes related to the administration of neighborhood communities in Andorra, GESTIM will be at your disposal to advise you in a personalized way.

What GESTIM can do for the administration of its community of owners in Andorra

  • Constitution of the communities.
  • Legalization of minute books before the court (Batllia).
  • Preparation of statutes and internal regulations.
  • Management of collections and defaults.
  • Administration of the accounting of the community of owners.
  • Legal consulting for any type of doubt.
  • A boardroom for holding owners meetings.

The keys to GESTIM for a community of owners to function


  • GESTIM uses an accounting plan that clearly and transparently exhibits how the community’s money has been used and provides accurate monitoring of all the procedures that have been carried out throughout the year.
  • An ordinary meeting is held annually in which the expenses of the previous year are presented, the details of all these operations with their corresponding invoices and receipts are made available to the owners. It is the president of the community who reviews them prior to each informative meeting and each owner can request any supporting document to also carry out their verification.

Executive job:

  • The annual budget is also projected jointly with the President of the neighborhood community before being submitted to the approval of the owners’ meeting. GESTIM, as Administrator of the Community of Owners, is in charge of executing all the agreements adopted in the meetings as soon as possible.
  • He asks for budgets, hires the industrialists selected by the Community of Neighbors and pays them with the funds foreseen for expenses that were previously approved during the meeting.

Accounting and legality:

  • Keeps the accounting as indicated in the Bylaws, manages the collection of receipts and is in charge of managing defaulters when necessary. Finally, he draws up the minutes of each Meeting and sends a copy to each co-owner.
  • It has the power to enforce the statutes of the community as well as the current legislation on Horizontal Property. It makes the legal consulting service available to the community of owners for any type of doubt, offering the first consultation free of charge.
  • It takes into account all the suggestions and proposals for improvements provided by the owners and takes them into account when making any decision.
  • Each community has its own bank account in which the contributions of the co-owners are entered and community expenses are charged. All income and payments are made directly to and from that community account, independent of the GESTIM accounts, which gives the transactions unquestionable transparency. In another account, which may be the same, the contributions to the Reserve Fund are entered if the Bylaws so contemplate.

Other services

  • GESTIM offers its clients a meeting room with capacity for 20 people to carry out all the meetings free of charge and, if necessary, it also makes trips.
  • It applies its fees according to the scales suggested by the Professional Association of Real Estate Agents and Managers of Andorra (AGIA) and the Andorran Real Estate Agents and Managers Law, which establishes a percentage according to the ordinary annual expense.

GESTIM and the administration of communities of owners in Andorra

The leading real estate agency in Andorra, has been dedicated since 1975 to offering a personalized service that looks after the interests of its clients. It is a family group with extensive experience in Andorra in the administration of communities of owners that decided to gather their experience and form the real estate agency and GESTIM agency.

The team is made up of 4 registered professionals, in continuous training and up to date with the laws, regulations and legislation in force whose sole objective is to offer its clients a personalized and transparent service.
More than 40 years of satisfied clients guarantee the effectiveness of GESTIM in the administration of communities of owners in the principality of Andorra. If your farm needs an administrator, do not hesitate to contact GESTIM who will be able to propose a budget tailored to your needs.

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