About Us

Gestim is a family business that has been dedicated since 1975 to offer a personalized service, which looks after the interests of its clients.

46years of experience
5k+satisfied clients

Our Values

Nuestros valores -  Gestim

The difference between participation and commitment is like the fable of eggs with ham used in many business schools. To make them, the hen participates, the pig commits- Unknown author.

Trust is gained, respect is given, loyalty is shown. Betrayal of any of the three causes them all to be lost- Unknown author.

In football as in watch making, talent and elegance mean nothing without rigor and precision- Leo Messi.

Integrity doesn’t need rules- Albert Camus.

Being transparent can’t get you many friends, but you’ll always get the good ones- John Lennon.

Ethics is the best way to act. If I lose it, I lose myself- William Shakespeare.

Our Team

Thanks to a wide range of professionals in the country who complement its services, Gestim can accompany the client throughout the process of buying or renting a home.

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Albert Esteve

Chief Executive

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Jordi Esteve

Chief of Sales and Rentals Department

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Nuri Esteve

Commercial Real Estate: sale and rentals

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Helena Biffet

Administration of owner communities

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Sandra de Carmo

Administration of owner communities

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Marina Carviçais

Commercial Real Estate: sales and rentals

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Mara Heredia

Rental and property management

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Laura Rodríguez

Administration of communities of owners and rents